We are very excited to announce our composting initiative for the 2016 Frendly Gathering! We will have composting available for all attendees, artists, and vendors to use throughout the festival!  With this new initiative, we hope to divert over 30% of our waste away from landfills and into soil!

What’s compostable?

  • All Food

    • Fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, bones, cheese, and eggshells

  • All Paper Products

    • Newspaper, magazines, paper bags, paper carryout drink/tray, juice/milk cartoons, cardboard, paper packaging.

  • Other Compostable

    • Waxed cardboard, boxboard, napkins, paper towels, paper plates, tea bags, coffee grounds/filters wooden crates

  • AND all of the dish-ware and silverware that the vendors will be serving on is compostable too!