Frends, We have spent the past few weeks  reading every email and comment in regards to our announcement about the move and are so appreciative of all of your passion for Frendly Gathering.  As our closest friends, your opinions and feelings are so important to us and we want to take a minute to clarify some questions that many of you have had.  

First and for most, our decision to move the festival was not something we wanted to do.  For many reasons we had to move the festival to be able to keep Frendly Gathering alive. We love Sounthern Vermont too and wish we could have stayed there but that was unfortunately not an option this year. Timber Ridge and the Waker family are very special to us  and we promise to bring that same vibe and The Wakers with us wherever we go now and in the  future. 

We spent 6 months trying to figure out what to do and visited every mountain and space you can imagine.  When we met the crew  at Sugarbush (Mt.Ellen) and the Mad River Valley we knew we had found our new home.  We can't express how excited we are for you to spend some time in the valley and at our new mountain  It feels so much like Timber Ridge with its  old school vibe  and with our new Master of the Festival Tim Waker we promise you will feel the same way. 

This decision to move North is 100% without any outside influence.  Our partners are very important to us and should be to you as well as it is how we are able to create such  a magical weekend but we are responsible for all of our decisions so we hope you trust that we are going to make Frendly Gathering the most inspiring, authentic and magical weekend yet. 

Sugarbush, specifically Mt. Ellen offers so many things that we couldn't offer you at Timber Ridge from car camping,  a box office on site, public transportation, regional transportation to more opportunity to partner with the community.

We're happy  to answer any other questions you may have.  Feel free to email us at info@frendlygathering.com 

Looking forward to groovin' with you at the Frendliest festival yet!