"Frendly Gathering is built on collaboration. We have gotten to where we are today by working together to achieve something greater. We appreciate the passion, hard work, and frendly energy year after year that the volunteer crew brings to Sugarbush to make this dream a reality. We want to open up our world to you, we want you to be apart of our family, and most of all we want you to have the experience of a lifetime!

Did you know that volunteering at Frendly can be a true love story? That is right! Two of our volunteers met volunteering at Frendly, they then fell in love, started dating, got married, and now have a kid together! They still return each year because that is what Frendly is all about, bringing people together to achieve something greater! We hope you are signing up to our program, not so you can put in work for a free ticket, but because you want to become a part of something bigger and our growing community. We strive to foster long lasting relationships, and this is where it all begins! Thanks for joining our family and making this event possible, because without you, we would not be where we are today!"

-Jack Mitrani (Festival Cofounder)

Below you will find each of the departments you can sign up for with a brief description. Below the description is a link to the application that you must fill out. For more information, please read our VOLUNTEER FAQ.

Questions included on all department applications:

  1. What is your full name?
  2. When is your Birthday?
  3. What is your email?
  4. What size shirt do you wear?
  5. Have you volunteered at FG before? If so, what year?
  6. Why do you want to volunteer for FG?
  7. Have you volunteered at other festivals? If so, which ones?
  8. What qualities or talents do you have that would be a great addition to our (xxxx) dept?
  9. If the xxx dept is full, what is your second department choice?
  10. What are three words that describe yourself?


Department Descriptions

Admin: As an Administrative Volunteer you will assist with any tasks necessary to our ticketing or administrative offices. This could include, but is not limited to, helping incoming guests sign paperwork, wristbanding guests, scanning tickets, or helping with admin work in our offices. Previous experience working in ticketing or an office environment is preferable.



Artist Relations: As an Artist Relations Volunteer, you will assist with any tasks delegated by artist relationship department head. This includes but is not limited too: running for the artists, keeping the artist sanctuary stocked and clean, or filling ice. To work in this position you must be trustworthy, personable with strong people skills, and able to maintain a professional demeanor while working backstage. You also must have the ability to work in a fast pace environment, take direction, be on your feet for 4 hour long shifts, and may include lifting and moving heavy things. Experience backstage and with artist hospitality is preferable.



Parking: As a Parking Volunteer you will help to direct traffic and aid in parking organization. You are one of the first to welcome guests onto the site, so a Frendly attitude is required! You must be able to be on your feet for a 6 hour shift. Parking Volunteers may be located off site.




Post Festival Clean-Up Crew (Sunday July 1): As part of the Post Festival Clean-Up Crew, you will be required to help us leave no trace!! In this position you will be help us sweep the grounds, which includes but is not limited to, collecting and sorting trash, breaking down and packing infrastructure, helping with inventory, cleaning the lodge, sweeping the grounds for micro-trash, organizing lost and found, etc.



Production: As a Production Volunteer you will work with the artist production team to aid with load in/ load out from the multiple stages, set-up & maintain stages. You will help to monitor stages to make sure all Frends are in proper places and not back-stage. We are looking for volunteers with a specific skill set - production and back-of- stage experience, experience with backline and familiarity with AV. This position requires that you are able to lift heavy pieces of equipment , are comfortable using tools/power tools, and able to be on your feet for 4 hour intervals.



Sustainability: As a Sustainability Volunteer, you help maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the grounds. You will be expected to participate in all sustainability initiatives and projects. This includes, but is not limited to, picking up trash, changing trash can, sorting trash at canteen area, and handing out trash and recycling bags to incoming campers. We are looking for people that are excited and interested in sustainability initiatives. Any prior knowledge regarding waste procedures i.e. what materials are compostable, recyclable, returnable or true trash is preferred. This position requires that you are able to be on your feet for 4 hour intervals.




Welcome Ambassadors: As a Welcome Ambassador, you will be staffed at the entrance of the Frendly Gathering. As a Welcome Ambassador, you are the first face Frends will see as they enter the grounds and you will be responsible for welcoming everyone as they arrive. You may be asked to help Frends carry their camping gear to their sites or directing Frends to various camping sites. Additionally, you will be responsible for handing out maps, trash/recycling bags and explaining our sustainability initiatives. As a Welcome Ambassador, we expect you to be personable and excited to be there! Festival experience, especially at Frendly Gathering, would be preferable. This position requires you to be on your feet for 4 hour intervals.